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and other stories
London, Methuen, 1949.

First edition. 8vo. Original cloth. Dust-jacket, correctly priced 9s.6d.

The first anthology by this influential Scottish author, a collection of tales often, as intimated darkly by the title, with a supernatural aspect. The suitably slightly disturbing illustrations are by the author's friend Mervyn Peake, creator of the Gormenghast trilogy.


First edition (one of c. 300 copies only).
London. Henry J.Drane, 1906
Contains ten weird and supernatural short stories which includes, The Spider, The Pool, The Will of Luke Carlowe, The Wedding Guest, The Soul of Nina Ventrix, The Bulb, Purple Eyes, A Hundred Year's Dead, A Dead Man's Bargain and The Compact. The Weird O' It is considered to be of legendary rarity in the supernatural genre. Henry J. Drane produced books in very small print run editions and it is likely that there would have only been around 300 copies of this book originally. It has been suggested that there are three variants of the book known. Copies exist in red, pale green and cream cloth although priority is not known. In 2000, Midnight House of Seattle republished a hardcover edition of "The Weird o’ It," limited to 460 copies.


A Romance of the Soul London &c., Cassell, 1912. First edition. 8vo. Original cloth. A solid first edition copy of this occult tale by Australian author Rosa Praed, underlined eventually by the reformative qualities of Christianity.


London, Constable, 1927.

First edition. 8vo. Original brown cloth. Dust-jacket, priced 7/6.

Uncommon first edition, with witchcraft in large part serving as a metaphor for womanhood; the main character is not magical, but has been stigmatised and shunned by her community for her illegitimate children and for practising abortion.

Weird & Supernatural

Riley (W.) Witch Hazel.


London, Herbert Jenkins, 1928

First edition. 8vo. Original boards. Dust-jacket, likely a second issue as it is priced 3'6 on spine.

A tale about a fifteen year old child - Hazel Wood - who has the gift of second sight - of being able to see things taking place far away from her.

Uncommon in jacket.


London, Jonathan Cape, 1929.

First edition. 8vo. Original dark pink cloth. Dust-jacket, correctly priced 7/6.

Attractive art-deco style jacket artwork adorns this unusual tale about three people being brought back into British society after a life in the jungles and swamps of Borneo. Scarce.

Weird & Supernatural

Rogers (Eva C.) The Magic Mist


And other Dartmoor Legends
London & Exeter, Andrew Melrose; James G. Commin, [1901].

First edition. 8vo. Original pictorial cloth.

An intriguing collection of atmospheric folk tales from Devon; titles include 'The Vengeance of Belus', 'The Bards of the Wood of Wistman', 'The Nymph Tamara' and 'The Pixies of Ockington Wood'.


London, Methuen, 1918.

First edition. 8vo. Original pale blue cloth, lettered in black.

An early and uncommon Sax Rohmer first edition, set in Egypt with the inscrutable Abu-Tabah taking on the villain role from Fu Manchu. The book is notable for introducing a more explicitly weird & supernatural element.


London [&c.], Cassell, 1941

First UK edition. 8vo. Original cloth. Dust-jacket.

A good copy of this title from the popular Fu Manchu series of books by Sax Rohmer.


London, Eric Gaunt, 1937

First edition. 8vo. Original cloth. Dust-jacket, correctly priced at 7s 6d on front flap.

Rare anthology of short stories several of which are fantasy including:

'Ritual' by Arthur Machen in which a bunch of London boys reproduce an African native ritual resulting in the death by suggestion of one of their number.

Ghost stories by Kenneth Hare and Richard Middleton

'Smoking the Dragon' by Frederick Carter, a fantasy about a fire-breathing monster and The Third Gift', a weird horror story of a pool and its legends.

Appears to be very elusive. No copies of any kind online at time of writing.


London, Guilford Press, [1958].

First UK edition. 8vo. Original blue boards. Dust-jacket, priced 15s.

A collection of weird & supernatural tales by Swiss writer Sandoz, one of several books published for him by the Guilford Press in the 1950s.


London, Samuel Walker, 1948.

First edition. 8vo. Original yellow cloth. Dust-jacket, priced 10s 6d.

Concerns exploits of spooks hired out for hauntings by the Spectral Agency, written by the author of the beloved Wopsy books.


First edition.
London. Grant Richards, 1923
A lost race novel in which a lost heiress takes over an African tribe. Very scarce in wrapper.

Weird & Supernatural

Sinclair (May) Uncanny Stories


Third edition.
London, Hutchinson, Not dated but likely to have been published in the 1920's.
Illustrations by Jean de Bosschere. Uncanny Tales was first published in the UK in 1923. An important collection of supernatural

Weird & Supernatural

Spanner (E.F.) The Sea Ghouls.


London, Sampson Low, Marston, [1932].

First edition. Signed presentation copy from the author. 8vo. 32pp. publisher's catalogue listing this title at 7/6. Original black cloth lettered in gilt. Dust-jacket, with price-sticker 3/6 indicating second issue.

An appealing copy of this scarce work to find in the jacket, even with the second issue price-sticker as here; a borderline sci-fi title, with a nautical flavour.

Inscribed on the title-page, 'A.T. Wall. With the Author's kind regards & compliments. E.F. Spanner.'


London, Rider, [1928].

First edition. 8vo. Original red cloth lettered in gilt. Dust-jacket, priced 10/6.

Lewis's well known work on the secret rites and traditions of Ancient Britain, illustrated with plates.


First edition.
London, Rider, [1942].

Lewis Spence wrote extensively about Atlantis and this title was published during the excesses of the Nazis approaching the subject from the perspective of an occultist who ‘probes beneath the surface and exposes subterranean influences and activities at work bringing about crises and catastrophes’ A rare title in jacket.


London, Chatto & Windus, 1925. A collection of tales published posthumously, first in 1905. Includes The Body Snatcher, centred around the time of Burke & Hare's exploits.


London, William Rider, 1922.

First edition. 8vo. Original cloth-backed boards. Printed dust-jacket.

A pleasingly good, jacketed example of this work on handwriting and what it can tell us about someone's character.


Oxford, Basil Blackwell, 1925

First edition. 8vo. Original light blue cloth lettered in red on spine and upper board. Dust-jacket.

Contains fourteen stories of which five are supernatural and another, the longest story, explores the theme of lesbianism.

Rare in jacket.


London, Columbine Publishing Co, 1939. The world-renowned detective Grant Rushton takes on his most sinister foe yet, High Priestess of the terrible cult of the Voodoo, Marie Galante.


London, Digby, Long, [1895].

First edition. 8vo. Original red decorative cloth.

Two stories of the weird and the supernatural. A True Incident in the Life of Father Lucas, and The Unsolved Mystery of Grimston Hall. Scarce. [Listed in Spectrum of Fantasy. vol.1]. A very scarce and elusive book. Scottish author, poet and spiritualist, was a member of the Chambers family of publishers, and the eldest daughter of Robert Chambers, editor of Chambers' Journal.


London &c., Cassell, 1915.

First edition, blind-stamped 'presentation copy' on the title-page. 8vo. Original blue cloth lettered in pale gilt. Dust-jacket.

The author's first published story collection, featuring nine tales, some with a supernatural theme. Extremely scarce in the original pictorial dust-jacket, with adverts for Cassell's Autumn Novels on the inner flaps.


and other Fantasies and Stories
London, Francis Griffiths, 1901.

First edition. 8vo. Original red cloth.

An uncommon collection of short stories by a relatively obscure imprint, many of a magical or mysterious bent; the title tale is one of a dual existence, topical today perhaps given the talk of an avatar driven metaverse...

Weird & Supernatural

Watson (Frederick) Mr Kello


Second edition. First published in 1924, a Scottish historical novel involving witchcraft. Uncommon.
London, George Harrap, 1931


New York, George H. Doran, 1927.

First edition. 8vo. Original blue cloth stamped in gilt. Dust-jacket, priced $2.50.

A scarce edition, collecting stories mostly derived from the author's own dreams. The title tale, 'Lukundoo', is the author's most anthologised story, recounting the plight of an explorer who falls foul of a local witch doctor's ghastly curse.


London, The Readers Library, n.d. [1939].

First edition thus. Small 8vo. Original cloth, gilt. Dust-jacket.

Film tie-in edition, written by the author of the original stage-play. Disturbing jacket artwork, especially for ailurophobics...