Our shared passion for rare books began as a collecting enthusiasm, with interests ranging from the genre (and sub-genre) areas of modern fiction, through to travel literature, children’s & illustrated books, autograph & association material and beyond. Over time our collecting habits began to inform us on what we could sometimes sell books for, particularly for example when we were looking to upgrade items in our collection. Now we enjoy both the buying and the selling equally, and hope we can share this joy with you!

How we can help


If you are looking for particular book titles or authors not on our site currently, we can help you locate them. Our team has many years’ experience, both as rare book collectors and sellers, and can help you track down even the most elusive titles. Our specialities are modern first editions and children’s books, with a focus on genre literature, but we do buy & sell across a broad range of subjects, periods and price-ranges. 

Building a collection

If you are looking to start or develop upon an existing collection of rare books, we are here to help! The specialist areas of focus at Lycanthia Rare Books means we are uniquely placed to help you if you are wanting to start collecting books across the fields of Weird & Supernatural, Horror & Gothic, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, and Detective fiction, but we also advise on more mainstream collections of modern & children’s literature.

archives & institutions

Lycanthia’s team have helped introduce archival collections of books and manuscripts to private collectors, dealers, auction houses and institutions alike in the past. These can range from collections of autograph letters and other manuscript material by well-known authors and historical figures through to archival collections of genre/sub-genre specific collections of books, often including association or signed copies.


We are always looking to buy first or other significant editions of English & American literature, for both adults & children. We focus on the Weird & Supernatural, Horror & Gothic, Science Fiction & Fantasy and Detective Fiction genres of modern literature, but are happy to consider any books you may have that you are wishing to sell, and can assist if you are also looking to “upgrade” existing titles in your collection.