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Tales of the wonderfully weird and superbly supernatural, with titles by well-known masters of the genre to all too often overlooked & unsung geniuses and one-hit wonders.


First edition, in the original very scarce pictorial dust-jacket.
London. Heinemann, 1915
An excellent example of this collection of stories, some of them supernatural, most satirical, including the title-tale recounting the adventures of an elephant that travels first class on ship to New York, attended by an attractive private nurse. Listed in Bleiler.


C. Arthur Pearson, London, 1923 [but later] Early issue of this weird title by Christopher Beck (a.k.a. T.C. Bridges), prolific author of boys' fiction from 1899 onwards.


First UK edition, Faber, 1936. Hans Schindler Bellamy (1901-1982) was a populariser of the unorthodox "Glazial-Kosmogonie" or "World Ice Theory" of the Austrian cosmologist Hans Hörbiger. Unfortunately, following his death his theories were embraced by the German far right and incorporated into National Socialism as a rejection of "Jewish" science. In this volume Bellamy describes Hoerbiger's theory in detail, and its application to world myths, and his subsequent books develop the theory in light of the Bible, the Atlantis myth, and the Tiahuanaco ruins.


All of Berrow’s pre war titles are notoriously scarce in dustjacket. London, Ward Lock,


First edition, Macmillan, 1913. Author’s presentation copy to Louis Parker. Louis Napoleon Parker was an English dramatist, composer and translator. Signed ‘from AB (author)’ on front end paper. Very rare survival in a jacket especially inscribed.


First edition, first impression, publisher's presentation copy.
London, William Blackwood & Sons, 1902
An early collection of weird and supernatural short stories many of them set in Scotland.


Second English edition.
London. Richard Bentley, 1850
A very handsome copy of Calmet's influential work on angels, demons, spirits and vampires, originally published in French in 1746, first appeared in an anonymous English translation in 1759. This translation is taken from the two volume 1751 third edition, a much expanded and revised version, and the last to be corrected by Calmet himself. This is the second English edition and is rarely encountered in original binding.

Weird & Supernatural

Crowe (Catherine) The Weir-Wolf


1st printing contained within Volume 3 of Hogg’s Weekly Instructor (pages 184-189).
London, Hogg's Weekly Instructor, 1846
The volume contains many articles, stories and poems as was the nature of the periodical but primarily it is the inclusion of the important first printing of Catherine Crowe's 'The Story of a Weir-Wolf' that makes this desirable. It is a 'Witch Trial' story of the sufferings of a maiden who is wrongly accused of Lycanthropy. This story is arguably wrote the first werewolf short story by a female. It was reprinted in The Best Werewolf Short Stories 1800-1849: A Classic Werewolf Anthology but its first appearance was in this volume. Two years after “A Story of a Weir-Wolf” was published Crowe published a collection she titled “The Night-Side of Nature, or Ghosts and Ghost-seers.” An attractive addition to any collection of gothic and/or supernatural fiction.

Weird & Supernatural

Fortune (Dion) The Goat-Foot God.


First edition.
London. Williams & Norgate, 1936
An original novel in which the 15th and 20th centuries meet with uncanny results, due to the invocation of Pan. This work is of special interest to students of magic and the Western Mystery Tradition.


First edition.
London. Hutchinson, [1926]
The continuing adventures of Allan Quatermain, set in the middle of the Dark Continent ruled by a huge, pale man with a strange knowledge of future events. One of two works published posthumously.


First edition.
London. Dent, 1910
The author’s first short story collection containing some fine examples of ghost and horror stories including the much anthologised tale, ‘August Heat’ (Shadows in the Attic p.247).


First edition thus.
London. Reader's Library, [1934 according to COPAC but could be earlier]
Death by poisoning in a locked bedroom at Staups, an isolated manor house on the Yorkshire Moors. Weird elements, a supposedly cursed jewel and sacrificial knives looted from the temple of Aztec descendants living in Central America, Author’s first crime novel, published in the UK by Bles in 1927.


London: Selwyn & Blount Limited, . Not dated. early issue (c.1932}.
The first edition of this book was published in 1931.
Contains 16 weird stories from Weird Tales and other sources. Includes the first book publication of H.P. Lovecraft's 'The Rats in the Walls.'


25th impression.
London, Ernest Benn, 1931
A very rare example. There are no copies of this edition online let alone with a near fine wrapper. 


First edition.
London, Herbert Jenkins, 1934.

Featuring series character Anthony Trent who goes man-hunting after a murder of a farmer and the sudden departure of a man and his wife but is also interested in the fantastic rumours of a strange creature - a ghastly phenomenon of nature - that was reported prowling about at night. Very scarce in a jacket


First edition.
London. Cassell, 1958
Supernatural novel that served as the basis for the 1999 film of the same name.

Weird & Supernatural

Metcalfe (John) The Smoking Leg


London, Jarrolds, 1927. An early edition of Metcalfe's first published book, a collection of macabre tales, including the excellent 'Paper WIndmills'.


Translated by Madge Pemberton. First English edition. London, Victor Gollancz, 1928. An excellent first edition in English of this phantasmagoric classic of horror, suspense and dreamlike mysticism, replete with the superb dust-jacket designed by E. McKnight Kauffer.


First edition. Collection of eighteen stories.
London, Longmans, 1930
"Short stories with an Egyptian setting, some of which are fantasy and weird, and some at least of which first appeared in magazines under the pen name of 'Abu Nadaar' ..." - Locke, A Spectrum of Fantasy, p. 161. The title story was reprinted in POWERS OF DARKNESS (1934), one of Philip Allan's anthologies in the "Creeps" series. Rare in d/w


First edition (one of c. 300 copies only).
London. Henry J.Drane, 1906
Contains ten weird and supernatural short stories which includes, The Spider, The Pool, The Will of Luke Carlowe, The Wedding Guest, The Soul of Nina Ventrix, The Bulb, Purple Eyes, A Hundred Year's Dead, A Dead Man's Bargain and The Compact. The Weird O' It is considered to be of legendary rarity in the supernatural genre. Henry J. Drane produced books in very small print run editions and it is likely that there would have only been around 300 copies of this book originally. It has been suggested that there are three variants of the book known. Copies exist in red, pale green and cream cloth although priority is not known. In 2000, Midnight House of Seattle republished a hardcover edition of "The Weird o’ It," limited to 460 copies.

Weird & Supernatural

Rohmer (Sax) The Bat Flies Low


First edition.
London, Cassell, 1936
An adventure novel with supernatural features using one of the author’s favourite themes, Ancient Egypt. Very rare in a wrapper. The first copy we have handled.

Weird & Supernatural

Ryark (Felix) A Strange Land.


First edition.
London. Hutchinson, 1908
Irish author whose real name was Jane Barlow. A Strange Land is a lost race tale whose protagonist, penetrating a mysterious mist in a tiny boat, comes across the land in question, which is not described in much detail.


First edition.
London. Grant Richards, 1923
A lost race novel in which a lost heiress takes over an African tribe. Very scarce in wrapper.

Weird & Supernatural

Sinclair (May) Uncanny Stories


Third edition.
London, Hutchinson, Not dated but likely to have been published in the 1920's.
Illustrations by Jean de Bosschere. Uncanny Tales was first published in the UK in 1923. An important collection of supernatural


First edition.
London, Rider, [1942].

Lewis Spence wrote extensively about Atlantis and this title was published during the excesses of the Nazis approaching the subject from the perspective of an occultist who ‘probes beneath the surface and exposes subterranean influences and activities at work bringing about crises and catastrophes’ A rare title in jacket.


London, Columbine Publishing Co, 1939. The world-renowned detective Grant Rushton takes on his most sinister foe yet, High Priestess of the terrible cult of the Voodoo, Marie Galante.


First edition. London, Rich & Cowan, [1947]. Collection of weird short stories hard to find in a such a nice jacket.


London, Columbine Publishing Co, 1939

Weird & Supernatural

Verner (Gerald) Sinister House


First edition.
London. Wright & Brown, 1934
Priced at 2/6 on spine. Other Verner first editions from the same period published by Wright and Brown are priced at 3/6 so presumed to be an early reprint.

Weird & Supernatural

Watson (Frederick) Mr Kello


Second edition. First published in 1924, a Scottish historical novel involving witchcraft. Uncommon.
London, George Harrap, 1931