War, Invasion & Spy

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Chatto & Windus, London, 1929 first edition  


First UK edition, Faber, 1936. Hans Schindler Bellamy (1901-1982) was a populariser of the unorthodox "Glazial-Kosmogonie" or "World Ice Theory" of the Austrian cosmologist Hans Hörbiger. Unfortunately, following his death his theories were embraced by the German far right and incorporated into National Socialism as a rejection of "Jewish" science. In this volume Bellamy describes Hoerbiger's theory in detail, and its application to world myths, and his subsequent books develop the theory in light of the Bible, the Atlantis myth, and the Tiahuanaco ruins.


(A Detective-Inspector McCarthy Yarn). First Edition. Wright & Brown, n.d. [c.1941].

War, Invasion & Spy

Fleming (Ian) Dr No


The first paperback edition of the fifth James Bond novel. Pan Books Ltd, 1960.

War, Invasion & Spy

Fleming (Ian) Goldfinger.


First edition, first impression. London, Jonathan Cape, 1959. The seventh James Bond title.

War, Invasion & Spy

Fleming (Ian) Live and Let Die


The first paperback edition of the second James Bond novel. Pan Books Ltd, 1957.

War, Invasion & Spy

Fleming (Ian) Moonraker


The first paperback edition of the third James Bond novel. Pan Books Ltd, 1958.


First edition.
London, Heinemann, 1939
Basis of the 1945 film starring Lauren Bacall and Peter Lorre.


First edition.
London. Heinemann, 1939
The basis for the 1945 film Confidential Agent, starring Charles Boyer, Lauren Bacall, Katina Paxinou and Peter Lorre. In the book, the nationality of the agent is not stated; in the film, he is Spanish.

War, Invasion & Spy

Guthrie (Ramon) Parachute.


First UK edition.
London. Gerald Howe, 1928
Ramon Guthrie was a poet, novelist, essayist, critic, painter and professor of French and comparative literature. Parachute was one of only two novels he wrote. It centres around two officers of the US Air Force who are convalescing in the small town of Berkenmeer during WW1. Rare in jacket.


First edition, Blackwood, 1909. Author’s presentation copy to Dame Helen Balfour Paul, a member of the Scottish aristocracy whose bookplate also adorns the front endpapers. The book is a collection of short stories some with both criminous content. Rare. Sir Christopher Nicholson Johnston (Lord Sands) was a member of the Scottish political elite and was briefly an MP during World War One. He was an expert on Church Law and represented the Church of Scotland on many occasions.


Featuring the Dormouse. First UK edition. Robert Hale Ltd, 1943. A 'Dormouse' thriller.

War, Invasion & Spy

Ladline (Robert) Stop That Man.


First edition.
London. Herbert Jenkins, 1940
Spectacular front panel artwork typical of Herbert Jenkins wrappers of that era. None of this writer's work was published in America and in my experience all of the UK first editions are difficult to find in jackets.


First edition.
London. Hutchinson, [1940]
Part of the ‘First Novel’ series. Hutchinson’s First Novel Library would go on to publish a total of 139 titles in the series before ending in 1951, comprising first novels, often by authors using a pseudonym.

War, Invasion & Spy

Mahon (Terence) Cold Feet.


First edition. Publisher's 'New 1929 Novels' brochure loosely inserted.
London. Chapman & Hall, 1929
A rare First World War novel, especially so in such remarkable condition. Cold Feet details the exploits of a man court-martialled for cowardice and due to face the firing squad, only to redeem himself in saving his execution party from a German pilot.


First edition. London & Glasgow, Blackie & Son Limited, [1932] An attractive early jacketed work on aviation, in the rare dust-jacket.by Leslie Carr (more well-known perhaps for his depictions of locomotives).

War, Invasion & Spy

Rohmer (Sax) Moon of Madness.


First edition.
London. Cassell, 1927
An adventure story involving a communist agent. The first copy we have encountered in a first state jacket.

War, Invasion & Spy

Standish (Hugh) Private War


An exceptional copy of this title from the Ace Series. Rare in this condition.
London, Ace, 1938


First edition. Rare in d/w.
London, Knopf, 1927
An important WW1 novel which is a fictionalized account of events in Mesopotamia in 1916-1918, based on the author’s own experiences.


First edition, Constable, 1937. A WWI novel documenting the record of over four years’ occupation by the German army as experienced by dozens of the inhabitants of the occupied districts of northern France. Rare in dw.

War, Invasion & Spy

Walsh (J.M.) Death at his Elbow


First edition. A very attractive example with jacket design by Abbey.
London, Collins, 1941
A typical espionage title set in Istanbul by James Morgan Walsh, born 1897 to 1952, also wrote as H. Haverstock Hill, Stephen Maddock, George M. White. He was born in Australia and came to England in 1925. The majority of his work leans towards spy and adventure rather than pure detective fiction

War, Invasion & Spy

Waring (D.G.) Hatred Therewith


First edition, John Long Ltd, [1942]. 'A thrilling spy story of a Nazi conspiracy'


First edition, Huchinson, [1943]. A rare collection of short stories, particularly scarce in the dust-jacket.


First edition, [1942]. A collection of Wheatley's short stories, rare in the dust-jacket. Included with this is a signed photograph of the German singer & actress Renate Müller (1906-1937), who was the inspiration for the Wheatley short story 'Espionage'. A tragic life cut short on the back of a blossoming career, either being murdered by the Gestapo or intimidated by them sufficiently that she seemingly took her own life. The story and a short discussion of the incident involved are included in this collection.

War, Invasion & Spy

Wren (P.C.) Flawed Blades


First edition. Foreign Legion short stories.
London, John Murray, 1933
A fine first English edition of this compilation of Foreign Legion stories by the author of Beau Geste (1924), in the fabulous Art Deco design correctly priced at 7/6 on front flap. 'Very many of these men are examples of the "flawed blades" that have snapped, leaving little but the sheath that once contained the sword - spirits that have broken, leaving only a weary body.' (dust-jacket).