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London, Geoffrey Bles, 1931.

First UK edition. 8vo. Original grey cloth. Dust-jacket.

The first UK edition of this work by prolific Austrian author Baum, originally published in German the year before.


London, Hamish Hamilton, 1958.

First UK edition. 8vo. Original red boards. Dust-jacket, priced 12s6d.

The first UK edition of Capote's famous novella, filled out famously for the film starring Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard.


New York, Grosset & Dunlap, 1937.

First US edition, no printing specified on copyright page. 8vo. Original dark beige cloth lettered in dark blue. Early/first reprint dust-jacket, no price.

The first US edition of one of Christie's most famous Poirot novels, here in probably the first reprint dust-jacket, issued the same year.


London, Collins, 1954.

First edition. 8vo. Original red cloth. Dust-jacket, priced 10s6d.

An attractive first edition example of this 1950s Agatha Christie, set largely in Morocco.


A New Poirot Mystery
New York, Dodd, Mead, 1936.

First US edition. 8vo. Original yellow cloth. Dust-jacket, priced $2.00.

First USA edition of this excellent Hercule Poirot novel, satisfyingly televised by the BBC in 2018 with John Malkovich as the moustachioed detective.


London, John Lane The Bodley Head, 1927.

First edition. 8vo. Original black cloth lettered and ruled in pink. Dust-jacket, priced 7/6.

An attractive first edition by this Scottish author, one of his 'lunatic at large' series of books.


London, Eveligh, Nash & Grayson, [1922].

First edition. 8vo. Original red cloth. Dust-jacket, priced 7/6.

The continuing Wodehousian adventures of adventures of Mr. Francis Mandell-Essington, the basis for the 1927 silent film The Lunatic at Large.

Victorian Literature

Collins (Wilkie) No Name


London, Sampson Low, Son, & Co., 1862.

First edition. 3 vols. 8vo. Original blind tooled red cloth, spine lettered & decorated in gilt.

A very good first edition set in the original cloth of this epic tale of disinheritance and illegitimacy, originally serialised in Charles Dickens' magazine All the Year Round.


From the outbreak of war with Turkey to the Armistice
London &c., Hodder & Stoughton, 1919.

First edition. 8vo. Original blue cloth lettered in gilt to spine. Dust-jacket, priced 7/6.

An uncommon book in the original jacket.


London, Macmillan, 1977.

First edition. 8vo. Original black boards. Dust-jacket, priced £3.50.

The scarce third Inspector Morse title.


London, Thornton Butterworth, 1928.

First English edition. 8vo. Original blue cloth. Dust-jacket, priced 7/6.

A very nice, jacketed first edition in English of Diehl's novelised take on the life of Heinrich Heine.


London, John Lane The Bodley Head, 1934.

First UK edition. Small 4to. Original pictorial boards. Dust-jacket, priced 2/6.

"Story and Illustrations by the staff of the Walt Disney Studios".


London, Newnes, 1936.

First edition. 8vo. Original brown cloth. Dust-jacket, priced 3/6.

Maritime treasure-hunting thriller for children; listed in Hubin.

War, Invasion & Spy

Fleming (Ian) Casino Royale


London, Pan Books, 1955.

First reprint of the first paperback edition. 8vo. Original pictorial wrappers.

The first paperback edition of Fleming's first James Bond book, the blonde Bond adorning the cover seemingly anticipating Daniel Craig's eventual adoption of the role...

War, Invasion & Spy

Fleming (Ian) Thunderball


London, Pan Books, 1963.

First paperback edition. 8vo. Original wrappers.

The first paperback edition of Fleming's ninth James Bond book.


London, Ward Lock, n.d. [c.1930].

8vo. Original red cloth lettered in black.

An early edition of this interesting yarn about two ex-jailbirds threatened by a blackmailing detective. Originally published in 1919.


London & Edinburgh, Chambers, 1929.

First edition. 8vo. Original cloth. Dust-jacket, priced 2/6.

A rare book in jacket; a collection of tales and stories dealing in a popular way with haunted Scottish houses, historic ghosts of Midlothian, and similar subjects, including werewolf interest.


New York, Stackpole, 1939.

First edition. 8vo. Original black cloth. Dust-jacket, priced $2.00.

The first edition of this account of big band swing by one of the leading band leaders of all time, his concert at Carnegie Hall in 1938 described by one contemporary critic as "the single most important jazz or popular music concert in history: jazz's 'coming out' party to the world of 'respectable' music." Swing began to lose favour after this time, so this book marks an interesting period in 20th century popular music.


and his wife Messalina
London, Arthur Barker, 1934.

First edition. 8vo. Original black cloth. Dust-jacket, priced 10/6.

The continuing story of the Roman Empire as told from the perspective of the (now) Roman Emperor Claudius. Uncommon in the dust-jacket.


London, Methuen, 1952.

First edition. 8vo. Original burgundy cloth. Dust-jacket, neatly price-clipped.

An attractively jacketed first edition of this crime thriller featuring Gregg's recurring detective, Inspector Cuthbert Higgins.


London, Constable, 1939.

First edition. 8vo. Original black cloth lettered in gilt to spine. Dust-jacket, correctly priced 7/6.

Hamilton's famous satirical novel that offers a critical view of contemporary British society through the lens of a fantastical and dystopian world. Hamilton, known for his plays and novels that often explored the darker aspects of urban life and the psyche, uses this work to skewer the class system, commercialism and the dehumanising aspects of industrialisation.

The novel's significance in 20th century literature lies in its blend of social critique and fantasy, a combination that was somewhat unconventional at the time. Hamilton's use of a parallel world to mirror and exaggerate the issues of his own society makes Impromptu in Moribundia a precursor to the later works of dystopian fiction that would become more prominent in British literature. It stands as a unique and imaginative critique of the socio-political climate of the era, reflecting the anxieties and criticisms of the interwar period.


New York, Liveright, 1952.

First combined edition. 8vo. Original grey cloth lettered in brown. Dust-jacket.

Two classic titles by US author Merritt that showcase his ability to create suspenseful, eerie atmospheres and blend genres to keep the reader engaged in a world of mystery and the supernatural...


London, Elkin, Mathews & Marrot, 1936.

8vo. Original orange cloth. Dust-jacket, priced 18/-.

Great jacket artwork graces this narrative of a journey from Cape Town to Cairo, undertaken in 1928. Originally published in 1931.


London, Macmillan, 1950.

First edition. 8vo. Original yellow cloth lettered in red. Dust-jacket, price-clipped.

The exciting story of an adventurous young African boy whose main ambition is to join the Gold Coast Police Force, encountering smugglers and other wrongdoers in the process.

African literature

Parsons (Anthony) Bush Gypsies


London, Grayson, 1932.

First edition. 8vo. Original blue cloth. Dust-jacket, priced 7/6.

A collection of particularly good short stories of Africa, the mysterious, elusive, charming, fascinating and cynical. Previously published in Blackwood's magazine.


London, Robert Hale, 1946.

First trade edition. 8vo. Original red cloth with gilt image stamped to upper cover. Dust-jacket, priced 16s.

A collection of essays written in the 1930s concerning the author's sojourn in Arabia. First published in 1943 by the Golden Cockerel Press.


London, Jarrold, 1936.

First edition. 8vo. Original black cloth lettered in green to spine. Supplied dust-jacket, correctly priced 3/6.

Superb jacket married to a somewhat pre-loved example of the first edition of this Hubin-listed crime thriller.

Weird & Supernatural

Rolt (L.T.C.) Sleep No More.


Twelve Stories of the Supernatural
London, Constable, 1948.

First edition. 8vo. Original blue cloth. Dust-jacket, priced 8/6.

Known for his books on railways and inland waterways, this collection of supernatural stories by Rolt follows strongly in the tradition of M.R. James; "An exceptionally original collection of ghost stories... Rolt had the special talent of combining folkloric spontaneity with artful sophistication" (The Penguin Encyclopedia of Horror and the Supernatural).


London, Seeley, 1910.

First edition. 8vo. Original red cloth gilt, gilt vignette to upper cover, top edge gilt.

An important account of the Rendille peoples of the northern Eastern province of Kenya, near Lake Stefanie. Uncommon.


London, James Barrie, 1957.

First edition. 8vo. Original blue cloth. Dust-jacket, priced 13s6d but with manuscript alteration.

School stories by an author perhaps better known for her ghost stories, and her role as anthologist of same, today.


London, Francis Aldor, 1946.

First UK edition. 8vo. Original blue cloth. Dust-jacket, priced 8/6.

A good first edition of this '40s adventure of Aboriginal Australian detective DI Napoleon "Bony" Bonaparte.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Verne (Jules) Dick Sand;


or, a Captain at Fifteen
New York, A.L. Burt, n.d..

8vo. Original pale green cloth. Dust-jacket.

An attractive early Burt edition of this Verne tale revolving around African slavery.