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London, Herbert Jenkins, [1946].

First edition. 8vo. Original orange cloth. Dust-jacket, correctly priced 8/6.

A plot of diabolic ingenuity taxes Chief Inspector Stephen Rant of the Yard. Attractive jacket artwork.


New York, George H. Doran, 1927.

First edition. 8vo. Original blue cloth stamped in gilt. Dust-jacket, priced $2.50.

A scarce edition, collecting stories mostly derived from the author's own dreams. The title tale, 'Lukundoo', is the author's most anthologised story, recounting the plight of an explorer who falls foul of a local witch doctor's ghastly curse.


and other Detective Stories
London, Chapman & Hall, 1895.

First edition. 8vo. Frontispiece. Original decorative cloth.

An uncommon and attractive collection of detective fiction stories, also featuring contributions by George Ira Brett (an early incarnation of 'Battle'), Roy Tellet and Brander Matthews. Listed in Greene & Glover, and Hubin.


London, The Readers Library, n.d. [1939].

First edition thus. Small 8vo. Original cloth, gilt. Dust-jacket.

Film tie-in edition, written by the author of the original stage-play. Disturbing jacket artwork, especially for ailurophobics...


London, Longmans, 1957.

First edition. 8vo. Original green boards. Dust-jacket, price sticker of 15/- to inside flap.

A very good first edition of this uncommon cookery book, "not merely a collection of recipes, but a compendium of useful information on every aspect of cookery. No Nigerian home should be without it." (jacket). The pink here is fresh and bright in the main.


London, Hodder & Stoughton, 1936.

First Omnibus edition. 8vo. Original oatmeal cloth. Dust-jacket, correctly priced 7/6.

An attractive edition comprising four stories, 'The Man with the Clubfoot', 'The Return of Club Foot', 'The Crouching Beast' and 'The Gold Comfit Box'.


London, Herbert Jenkins, 1922.

First edition. 8vo. Original blue pictorial cloth. Dust-jacket, with publisher's overlaid price 2/6 on spine.

An early title by the author and journalist Valentine Williams, distinctly uncommon in the original dust-jacket. Murder in the library gets the ball rolling.


First edition. Sequel to Pulitzer Prize winner, The Mclaughlins’ - difficult in d/w
London, Cassell, 1936
The story begins 6 months after the end of the first novel in December 1868. Two men have been found lynched. The story follows the attempts of the community to bring their murderers to justice, intertwined with the stories of Willy and his sister Jean and their reactions to the community's thirst for justice.


London, Ward, Lock, 1940.

First edition. 8vo. Original pictorial cloth. Dust-jacket, priced 6/-.

One of the last books by a prolific author who had enjoyed literary success since 1900, as well as some controversy for her 1916 Sci-Fi book, The Last Weapon, A Vision, the anti-sentiment contained within resulting in the book being banned. Wilson was a founding member of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom.


London, Heinemann, 1936.

First edition. 8vo. Original cloth. Dust-jacket.

What would happen? On this lively supposition Author Winter has written a tale that is blurbed as another 'South Wind' but is more like Somerset Maugham's spiteful 'Cakes and Ale' (Time Magazine, 1936)


London, Herbert Jenkins, 1933.

First edition, first printing. 8vo. Original cloth. Dust-jacket, correctly priced 7/6.

A superb first edition example of this comedic masterpiece by P.G. Wodehouse, the second book to feature Blandings Castle staple Galahad Threepwood (The Honourable).


London, Herbert Jenkins, 1934.

First edition, first impression. 8vo. Original cloth. Dust-jacket, colonial issue.

One of the key '30s Jeeves titles, in a great, bright example of the original Abbey jacket, with "Herbert Jenkins' Colonial Library" to spine - extremely uncommon!


London, Herbert Jenkins, 1963.

First edition. 8vo. Original red boards. Dust-jacket, priced 13/6.

A very good first edition of this Jeeves & Wooster title.


London, Herbert Jenkins, 1934.

First edition, first impression. 8vo. Original cloth. Dust-jacket, colonial issue, with original wrap-around.

One of the key '30s Jeeves titles, in a great, bright example of the original Abbey jacket, with "Herbert Jenkins' Colonial Library" to spine and the original belly-band, declaring "For the first time the incomparable Jeeves in a long complete novel" - extremely uncommon!


London, Jonathan Cape, 1966.

First UK edition. 8vo. Original pink boards. Dust-jacket, priced 30s.

The first UK edition of US journalist & author Tom Wolfe's collected essays, including articles on the counter-culture in America. This copy has a printed note from the publishers to the front free endpaper, apologising to the artist Bridget Riley for not obtaining her permission to base the jacket design on one of her artworks.


London, Robert Hale, 1949.

First UK edition. 8vo. Original black cloth. Dust-jacket, correctly priced 8s6d.

A distinctly uncommon UK first edition of one of Woolrich's "black" titles, considered one of his best by many - a young wife attempts to prove her husband innocent of the murder for which he has been sentenced to die. The source for the 1946 film of the same name directed by Roy William Neill.


London, The Field Press, [1925].

First UK edition. Tall 8vo. Original red cloth lettered in black. Dust-jacket, correctly priced at 7/6.

Worthington first arrived in Africa as the personal secretary of Thorne Coryndon, the representative of the British South Africa Company, who was sent there to prepare for the British takeover of the Lozi kingdom, and when Coryndon was named Administrator of Northwest Rhodesia, Worthington continued to assist him and went on to become the first Secretary for Native Affairs there. This is a mix of anecdotes, ethnographical contributions and memoirs about the Central African days of yore. Very rare in the dust-jacket, which like the boards is titled, 'Chiromo the Witch Doctor'.

War, Invasion & Spy

Wren (P.C.) Flawed Blades


First edition. Foreign Legion short stories.
London, John Murray, 1933
A fine first English edition of this compilation of Foreign Legion stories by the author of Beau Geste (1924), in the fabulous Art Deco design correctly priced at 7/6 on front flap. 'Very many of these men are examples of the "flawed blades" that have snapped, leaving little but the sheath that once contained the sword - spirits that have broken, leaving only a weary body.' (dust-jacket).


London, Rich & Cowan, 1939.

First edition. 8vo. Original orange cloth. Dust-jacket, price-clipped.

Visually intriguing jacket artwork, and a tale of espionage, treasure, murder, and at least one giant hunchback, of course.


London, Philip Allan, 1924.

First edition. 8vo. Device to title. Original blue cloth. Dust-jacket, priced 3/6.

A strange and occasionally beautiful book...rather a dangerous study in the emotion of sex... (The Referee). Rare, especially in the jacket.


London & Melbourne, Ward, Lock, 1939.

First edition. 8vo. 6pp. advertisements. Original yellow cloth. Dust-jacket, correctly priced 7/6.

Jonathan Mansel, one of Dornford Yates' most popular characters, heads a small private organisation dedicated to the detection of serious crime "by methods sadly unavailable to the regular police". Uncommon in the jacket.


London, Grant Richards, 1912.

First edition. 8vo. Frontispiece. Original cloth with gilt stamped illustration of the Titanic to upper cover.

The first book published on the sinking of the Titanic, by journalist Alexander Bell Filson Young.